Just starting out...

I love words. I have stacks of books about the English language.

But as a journalist who's worked almost exclusively in television for over 16 years, I'm the first to admit my failings when it comes to grammar.

So I'm always trying to improve and to learn more about English - because it is an extraordinary language.  When used properly, it is beautiful.  But then sometimes I can't believe how LITTLE sense it makes as well!

And as a journalist, I sometimes can't believe what some people try to pass off as writing.

(Not to suggest for a moment that my writing is perfect, but I do try to avoid the obvious traps!)

So my plan is to use this blog to sound off (some might say 'rant'!) about the words I see and hear, to promote the best work, and to provide little tidbits of information on grammar and pronunciation which I come across.

Will be back soon...