In defence of the word "selfie"


tumblr_ms9bszjhTq1qdpad7o1_500 So here's a blog from my good friend Glen McKay, in which he responds to my earlier post on bringing back old words.

Far from being full of flapdoodle, Glen's a smart guy... and he puts forward an interesting and solid case for why some words fall out of use.

Put simply, easier and more generation-appropriate words come into usage and replace old ones.  His example was the word penultimate - which two of his former flatmates didn't know - and which has been replaced by the basic second-to-last.

Glen also defends the word selfie which I have no problem with.  That one definitely IS here to stay!

I guess I'm just an old romantic when it comes to words, Glen. To me, a quick obambulate around the market on a Sunday afternoon sounds positively ambrosial :)