ABC The World

TV Interview

Kamahl spoke to Beverley O'Connor from ABC News Australia's The World programme about Qatar's position in the 2017 Gulf diplomatic crisis, and the effect it was having on Al Jazeera.


Radio Interview

As U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson visited the Gulf in 2017 to try to solve the regional diplomatic crisis, Kamahl spoke to Jorge Valencia from KJZZ 91.5FM in Phoenix, Arizona, about the impact of the crisis on Al Jazeera.


North & South

Current Affairs Magazine

The Ones That Got Away is a regular feature in North & South magazine about New Zealanders who have made their mark overseas. Kamahl was profiled by his sister Alexia Santamaria, who is a freelance writer in Auckland, New Zealand.

Save Campbell Live

Social Media Campaign

Kamahl was part of the campaign to save TV3's current affairs show Campbell Live. Though ultimately unsuccessful, it brought attention to a lack of quality news and current affairs reporting in New Zealand.



Airline Passenger Experience

APEX magazine profiled Kamahl after meeting him at the launch of the Airbus A350 aeroplane in Toulouse, France. He shared his views on the airline industry.

Gina Van Thomme

Visiting University Student

Gina Van Thomme was part of a group from the University of Minnesota who came to Al Jazeera on a student visit. She wrote this insightful blog post about the experience.