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newsgrid is Al Jazeera’s interactive newshour.  

Kamahl Santamaria is the regular presenter of the show - with co-host and social media presenter Leah Harding, from Studio 14 at Al Jazeera's Doha headquarters.

newsgrid uses four core elements of modern journalism – LIVE, REPORT, CONNECT, EXPLORE – to refocus the thinking on a story, and to extract as much value as possible from Al Jazeera’s field teams, online resources, and in-depth programmes.  It’s the first time one programme has reached across the Al Jazeera Media Network in such a way.

And rather than just presenting the news to Al Jazeera’s audience, newsgrid aims to engage them, seek questions and contributions from them, and above all listen to them to see where to drive the news agenda.

In addition, the traditional TV screen has been reworked to incorporate social media reaction and audience participation as a regular part of our storytelling, rather than an add-on.

newsgrid is live on-air every day at 1500GMT, streaming online through Facebook Live and YouTube, and active 24 hours a day through the hashtag #AJNewsGrid


360 degree tour of newsgrid's brand new studio in Doha.




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